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BodyHoliday St. Lucia

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Set scene: exit plane at St. Lucia airport and whisked away by helicopter for a fantastically scenic ride to BodyHoliday.  Once we arrived on property we were given a glass of something cold to drink and a nice cool towel.  I was escorted to my room by a very friendly BodyHoliday staff member.  This was the first of many very genuinely friendly interactions I had at the resort.  If there was one thing I could take back with me to share with friends and clients it would be the awesome people of BodyHoliday.  I think what makes this resort so special is most definitely the people.  The second would be the fantastic workout programs they have.  All day there is a wide array of activities and workouts to choose from.  The instructors are called Body Guards and they were instructors I have had at any gym.  I did my best to try as many of the classes as possible ranging from Yoga to Aqua Aerobics to Pole Fit!  The resort was definitely centered around spa and at the top of the property followed by a pretty nice set of stairs you will find the wellness center.  There were treatments for every need including signature treatments, Ayurveda center and Body Science.  I had never done Ayurvedic treatments before and I was happy to be given the opportunity.  The treatment I had consisted of a steady stream of warm oil poured on my forehead.  All I needed to hear was it was good for stress... not that I have any stress in my life! Although BodyHoliday did focus on wellness it was not your typical health spa like you might find at Canyon Ranch for example.  The food had variety so those looking to stay on a specific nutritional plan can and those looking to splurge on that well deserved slice of pizza can do that too.  Breakfast was buffet and had lots of selection.  I always had my cooked to order eggs and some fresh fruit.  I may have treated myself to chocolate croissant as well. I figure I am doing 3-4 fitness classes a day I “deserved” it. There were several options for lunch but my favorite was the Deli.  They had delicious health benefiting smoothies and juices as well as yummy salads and wraps.  The watermelon feta salad and chicken avocado wrap was my favorite. There was also a wide variety of deserts including their island fudge (OH MY GOD) Yum! Dinner there three restaurants serving dinner and I enjoyed each of them.  I think my favorite was TAO as they had an Asian menu which is my personal favorite.  BodyHoliday is a great property for couples, women’s retreats and even families.  While they don’t allow kids under 16 most of the year they will allow kids over 12 during the summer and Christmas.  We ended the trip on a great high by taking the heli back to the airport and the view was even more spectacular with the beautiful weather that day.  At BodyHoliday they say to give them your body for a week and they will give you back your mind.  I can personal attest to this as after only 4 nights I came home rejuvenated and relaxed and ready to take life.  I would recommend at least 7 days to this fabulous resort to experience all that it has to offer.


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