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Unfortunately it is not uncommon to hear from clients who were victims of pickpockets while traveling in Europe.  We cannot stress HOW IMPORTANT it is to be aware of your surroundings when traveling to Europe or in fact anywhere in the World. We have put together a few tips to help you travel smarter and safer:

1)      Clean out your wallet before you leave home and leave behind everything you don’t need – extraneous credit cards, grocery cards, Target gift cards, etc. Everyone should travel with at least two credit cards. If traveling as a couple the wife should have two and the husband should have two. If you have credit cards with chips in them, travel with these.

2)      USE THE HOTEL SAFE and leave your actual passports and at least one credit card in it! This will literally save your vacation if you are robbed.  But don’t forget to clear out the safe before you check out!!!

3)      You should carry copies of your passports in each of your suitcases. In case a passport needs to be reissued, this will make it much quicker. When traveling with Jen Mitchell Travel we provide you with an app that has copies of your passports saved in case your passport is lost or stolen.

4)      Be aware of your surroundings at all times. Pockets can be picked; purses can be stolen off your shoulder on the street by motorcyclists and bicyclists. Do not even put your phone on your restaurant table while you eat. If you have to have it out, put it in your lap. Wallets should not be in your pockets without a button if at all possible, and never in a backpack with zippers on your back. This makes it too easy to reach a hand in. Do not place your handbag over the back of your chair in a restaurant.

5)      If you are going to use an ATM while travelling, and I do in almost every city I visit, use ATMs at banks, not at places of business. There is less likelihood of a bank ATM being hacked or having a device attached to steal your card number and PIN.

6)     Luggage theft on Italian trains is on the rise and if taking a trail you should try to keep your luggage as close to you as possible. 

Safe Travels!!!

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