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Meet Our Team

Jen Mitchell, Founder

Jen MitchellJen began her career in travel in 2003 after graduating from Florida State University with a degree in Social Work. Having spent a year in Israel at the age of 16, she realized shortly after graduating that she had the travel bug and wanted to travel and explore the world professionally. So she took a position at a cruise-focused travel agency, and over the span of her ten years as a travel consultant, she has earned the industry's highest designation as an Elite Cruise Counselor. Jen is proud of her position on the Saveur Travel Advisory in which she was appointed in 2012.  Additionally she has been named top 30 under 30 by Travel Agent Magazine.

Jen has gained intensive theoretical and practical experience in cruising. She has taken scores of classes, visited and sailed upon many ships as a prerequisite for this rank, and relishes in sharing her insights with travelers who are new to cruising as well as those who have literally sailed all around the world. “Cruising for me is a great way to see more in shorter periods of time,” says Jen. “My clients love that they only have to pack and unpack once and that, no matter where they are in the world, they can always come back to the ship for dinner and a comfortable night’s rest."

New Zealand is among her favorite destinations, citing the “scenery, the people, the organic food, and the uber luxurious lodges” among its top draws. She’s inspired to travel to Africa after hearing stories and viewing pictures her clients take on safari. “They not only come back talking about the animals they saw, but the feelings it created inside of them that they will take with them always.”

A busy mom with two small children, Jen understands the intricacies of multi-generational travel, and is well suited to work with individuals of all ages and backgrounds. “I can create fantastic, customized itineraries for clients all over the world. With my background in Social Work, I have developed great skills in really pulling from my clients what they desire on their trips so I can make sure they come back very happy, whether it's a World Cruise or a custom tour of Europe.”

Each year, Jen strives to broaden her horizons by traveling to new and exotic places she has never been, while also taking advantage of the cultural riches and amazing properties within the United States. Among her favorites are the Inn at Palmetto Bluff and The Cloister at Sea Island. “My husband and I recently took a trip to Twin Farms in Barnard Vermont. The food was amazing! It’s a perfect, private location to spend quality time reconnecting, without the kids. They even delivered room service that was set up so beautifully in our room. Although the girls are great travelers, and I’m looking forward to expanding their horizons through travel as they get older.”

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Irene Tribuiani, Luxury Travel Advisor

irene2.jpgOriginally from Salt Lake City, Utah, Irene has always been intrigued by history and culture. She has loved travel from a young age because it gave her insight of how other cultures differed from her own. Travelling abroad on many occasions, one of her most memorable summers was when she was in Greece visiting family. Going back to her roots, she says, “It gave me the opportunity to experience every day life and broadened my understanding of my own background.”

Since moving to Florida in 2000, Irene and her family like to travel as often as they can. Having two kids, she understands how to balance luxury and family fun. Irene has traveled to Europe, Mexico, the Caribbean, and many destinations here in the United States. Whether it’s swimming with the dolphins in Hawaii or staying in a private villa in Tuscany, Irene feels that traveling brings families and friends together, making wonderful memories that will last a lifetime, and she looks forward to help making those travel dreams a reality for her clients.

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Eva Perry, Luxury Travel Advisor

eva perry_AG154_pp.JpgHello Fellow Citizen of the World!

Please join me in curating new and unforgettable stories and memories through travel. I have been a part of the hotel, destination and entertainment world for years on the road, and my most treasured memories are experiencing new places, foods and making fast friends.

I've lived in and played tourist in a multitude of places around the world. There are exciting niches all over to entice you to visit - let's find out which one suits you the best!

My friends would say that I am a "hotel snob" as I enjoy the best of the best - the fluffiest of pillows - the tastiest of foods and the most tranquil of spas... But I am also one to put that to the side and delve in to sleeping under the stars and waking to a sunrise view that few have experienced. These are the imprints on my mind and the stories I share most readily.

My father and mother traveled with us at a very young age - trekking through Europe, and crossing borders through the iron curtain at the time. Summers were spent in Greece, Austria, Croatia, Italy... it was an awakening to a wider lens that set the tone for my life. I have lived in Japan: visited family in New Zealand and Australia... appreciated also coming home and visiting places closer to my home address too. Food & Wine have brought us many sensory memories that are dear to my heart and now with my forever travel partner - my husband. Adding to the party with two kids has only enriched and become a puzzle to put together so that we all have experiences on multiple levels that we can remember and treasure. We buy experiences as much as we can for one another, as things may come and go.

What will your next story be? Maybe we can find a good plot line together.

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Barbara King, Luxury Travel Advisor

Barbara King

Adventure!  Adventure! Adventure!  Every day for Barbara has always been an adventure.  Her first was leaving her home state of Michigan for New York City to attend college at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT).  She graduated from FIT with a degree in Fashion Merchandising.   Upon graduation she began working for Christian Dior and then worked for the fashion houses of Donna Karan and Ralph Lauren.  From New York, Barbara’s next adventure took her west to California.

Barbara lived in the Los Angeles area for 11 years and started her first business, Barbara King Styling (BKS) in 1995.  She began with one client and was able to quickly grow her fashion consultancy business.  Barbara’s work has been featured in Maxim Magazine, Los Angeles Times, Fine Living, Life & Style and many other print, TV and online media outlets. She even had the pleasure of styling celebrities including Sylvester Stallone, Sandra Bullock and Mary Tyler Moore.  Her business also introduced her to the world of travel and to this day she says, “my bags are always packed”. 

Next, was a cross country adventure to Naples, Florida.  Barbara has called Naples home for the last 15 years and it is here where she has raised her two children.  She continues her styling business with clients in California, Florida and New York and even took her knowledge of fashion and authored the book; Be Delicious Now: The Ultimate Fashion Secrets.  Barbara has also received certification as a Color Specialist from international color guru, Leatrice Eiseman. 

Fashion and travel are not Barbara’s only passions.  During her time in California, Barbara started a real appreciation for health and wellness.   Working with her styling clients she saw it wasn’t only their personal style and self-confidence they wanted help with but their overall well-being.  It was then that she started training as a yoga instructor and when the opportunity arose, she opened and ran BKS Yoga Studio in Naples, Florida for over 5 years.  Barbara prides herself on her dedication and hard work and is encouraged by knowing the possibility of greatness is bigger than the fear of failure.

Barbara has traveled all over the world and believe it or not does not have a favorite destination.  She looks at each trip and location as a new experience and loves to discover what each place has to offer.  Her ideal schedule is a to travel somewhere every 6 weeks, even if it just for the weekend.   Barbara knows the happiness and fulfillment she gains from travel and loves to help her clients find that too. 

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Taryn Daley, Luxury Travel Advisor

Taryn DaleyTaryn grew up in Marin County, CA, but spent her summers and Christmas holidays in her birth country, South Africa. Now, working as a luxury travel advisor, she’s sending leisure travelers to the country she built such a strong connection with as a child.

Taryn had done her fair share of personal travel before she joined the luxury travel world (she’s backpacked solo through Europe twice, chartered a sailboat to explore the islands off Thailand and spent 33 days driving and camping from Cape Town to Zanzibar), but she came in with no professional or luxury experience. Since then, she says she has really come into her own, having escorted her own groups to Africa on a yearly basis.

“My love and knowledge of the destination grows every time I visit. When you love something that much, it’s easy to get others excited about it as well.”

Taryn sells leisure travel to destinations around the world, but her heart, and most of her sales, remains in Africa. “Having [been] born and spent so much time there while growing up, I feel like my love for it runs deeper than most.”

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Will Mitchell, CFO

Will MitchellOriginally from Vermont, Will is well traveled from his service in the US Marines. “I requested Okinawa, Japan as my first duty station because it was halfway around the globe from where I was from.” Living in Japan for a year sparked a love of travel and a study of culture, history and art that has become his insatiable hobby.

Following his service, Will attended Florida State University and studied abroad living in Madrid, Spain and traveling the Iberian peninsula, taking in Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Toledo, Zaragoza and Salamanca and Gaudi, Velazquez, Picasso and Dali. Will graduated from FSU with degrees in English and History. With a wealth of experience in incentive, group, conference and educational travel, Will Mitchell takes pride in making any meeting planner’s job easy.

When it comes to traveling for meetings, Will recommends taking a cruise. “Cruises are a great way to combine leisure and business. You can choose to spend time with the group one day and travel independently the next. Sea days are a great time to focus on classes or seminars and groups can opt to dine together to talk about the experiences of the day.” Will is a great host, and often groups request that he travel with them to handle the logistics and act as a liaison for the meeting planner/group leader and the ship.

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